Managing Director & Consultant

Juraj founded his development and consulting company Growision in 2014. For now, it has been developing managers and salespeople at several medium-sized and large international companies.

Juraj engages in sales and in the creation and design of development programmes focused on managerial, sales and entrepreneurial skills.He has developed teams and individuals primarily in financial, retail and IT companies.In his free time, he develops people in non-profit organisations, such as Lead Up, JCI Business and Future Medical Leaders Academy.He graduated from the Faculty of Management at Comenius University.He has acquired his coaching and management skills as an HR manager and deputy director at IKEA, a consultant and salesman at Maxman Consultants and a managing director at Flemio.He has taught the courses Entrepreneurship of Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Management of the Comenius University in Bratislava.

He has developed clients in Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Serbia, India, Dubai and Malaysia.



Coach, Trainer & Consultant

Andrea’s passion is to create effective communication strategies.Her focus has shifted from marketing campaigns for the masses to direct sales communication strategies.She has been a manager for over 10 years and she has mastered the art of business coaching, facilitation, feedback, consulting, mentoring and professional presentation.

In addition to her practical experience, Andrea also draws on her continuous education.She was awarded the renowned Scottish Diploma in Business Coaching of Sandra Wilson (accredited study).It is one of the few lines of coaching in Slovakia that uses insights of social psychology, especially the transactional analysis, which is very useful in understanding the relationship dynamics and personal development and change.She also external studies psychology at Comenius University in Bratislava.This year, Andrea works to become a certified coach of the globally recognised International Coach Federation and to obtain the “master class trainer” certificate from the respected ERICKSON COLLEGE INTERNATIONAL in Canada.

She works as a consultant focuses on effective development strategies, advisory and support in creating and implementing development plans (soft skills).Andrea’s goal is to work with the client to create an effective personal development strategy and to develop relationship and group dynamics within an organisation.


Roman RÁC

Trainer & Consultant

Roman is an undergraduate student specialising in management at the Faculty of Management of the Comenius University in Bratislava (FMUK). He currently works as a project manager at Growision. His role is to manage and organise projects in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic, online marketing and he is also responsible for the mystery shopping projects.

Roman has gained his managerial experience and general knowledge of the business environment by working for the Consulting and Development Centre at FMUK. He has managed various projects focused on business development and the associated activities.

He started acquiring his marketing and management skills at the secondary school as a head of marketing in the student company BeeQueen. His management team received two major awards. The first award came from the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry: “Top Team” in applied economics, an award for student creativity, courage and entrepreneurship. The second recognition is the 2nd place in the Best Management Team competition of 53 teams from all over Slovakia.

He has also gained expertise as a summer lecturer in the education and recreation diagnostic centre. His work with troubled children improves his skills in people analysis and diagnostics.