Our portfolio includes services that are designed for:

  • Managers at various levels;
  • Salespeople;
  • Leaders;
  • Teams; and
  • Individuals.

There is a brief overview with basic information for each service.However, the delivered service is always adapted and tailored to the specific client’s needs. If you are interested in our services or if you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to meet you in person.

Focused on individuals and teams who need professional advicefrom our experienced consultants in management, sales, professional or personal development.It involves structured individual or group meetings.

Interim management is used in companies that face a challenge and need help to cope with it.One of the solutions is to hire specialists or additional managers who have sufficient experience to set up processes and control a crisis or changes in a company.Interim manager is a person who provides temporary managerial support usually in top management positions in order to organise and achieve business goals.


Management skills for all levels of managers – Techniques for leading people, practical exercises.

Presentation skills – Training of presentation skills in front of an audience, body language, presentation techniques and aids.May be recorded on camera with subsequent feedback.

Group facilitation – Training focused on managing a group discussion.

Time management – How to manage your time and activities, techniques and means of effective time management.



Sales skills - Sales techniques, sales interviews, sales meetings in practice.

Negotiation – Techniques, steps, practical exercises with feedback.

Conceptual sales – Training designed for salespeople and all types of sales.Conceptual sale process – qualification, presentation and conclusion.

Networking – effective teambuilding and use of contacts and relationships – this training is focused on teaching its participants to build their network effectively and use their contacts to empower business and sales relationships.

Business etiquette – Rules of business etiquette.

Mystery shopping - Organisation and implementation of the entire process.

Shadowing – Observing people on-the-job and identifying their strengths and weaknesses.



Advisory on starting a business, equity and capital structure, creating vision, strategy and values​​, marketing strategy, financial plan etc.



Leadership Training - What is leadership, how to become a leader, leadership techniques.

A targeted boost of the development potential of individuals and groups that allows them to maximise performance.The coach stimulates the trainee’s thinking and helps the trainee to see a bigger picture, enhance his internal involvement and improve.Coaching involves regular structured meetings.

A two-day adventure programme for teams focused on improving cohesion, cooperation, relationships, communication, team spirit andcommon values. It is a great tool to realise the power of teamwork. The programme is fun and relaxing and it also benefits the participants.

For those who are more demanding, we have prepared special outdoor teambuildings in cooperation with our external colleague Juraj Buchta:

Goulash cooking competition: teamwork is irreplaceable!

Everything you need is ready for you… just bring your appetite to cooperate in a team, good mood and maybe your secret ingredient to prepare a unique venison goulash.And do not forget, a committee will evaluate your work and choose the best one.Medals for winners are waiting.

Archery competition: every man for himself!You will learn to shoot from a sport bow at different targets and different distances, supervised by experienced instructors.The event ends with an archery competition where every shot counts.You can no longer rely on the support of your colleagues, your skill and talent is put to the test.

Shooting day: action time!

Shooting clay pigeons with a shotgun in the “trap” and “skeet” discipline, shooting a small-bore rifle in the proneposition and standing, all with expert training.There is a competition in each discipline, as well as the best all-round shooter competition.Strong will and mental balance are essential.

Fishing day: patience is key!

A day spent in the nature doing what requires patience, strong will and determination.The reward is a great feeling of rest and relaxation.But there is also a little competitiveness, the most successful one still wins.However, everyone will take a catch home.

Recruiting - Overseeing the entire process, a combination of role playing, team activities, STAR interviews and discussions without a facilitator.Setting up a development plan for the evaluated people.

Training of recruiters - Training of the recruitment process from job analysis through CV filtering to the interview and selection on a professional level.

Training of assessors - Training of feedback skills, preparation of development plans.

Training of trainers - Training techniques, process – planning a training, conducting a training, presentation skills with feedback.

Assessment Centre, Development Centre – Professional half day/full day selection process – evaluation of a larger group of candidates in order to identify their strengths and potential, contributing to a better selection of a candidate for cooperation.

  • Start, modification and termination of employment, including the preparation and execution of the necessary acts and documents for decisions.
  • Content of the employment relationship.
  • Working time, its scheduling, especially unevenly scheduled working time, breaks at work, working time records, overtime work, work standby duty.
  • Paid vacation and its use.
  • Maternity and parental leave, arrival from the maternity and parental leave.
  • Obstacles at work.
  • Assessment of liability for damage, material responsibility agreement.
  • Agreements on work performed outside employment.
  • Assessment of compliance of employment contracts and agreements on work performed outside employment with the current employment legislation, including special company manager and executive contracts.
  • Assessment of new employment contracts and agreements, including special company manager and executive contracts.
  • Creation of the social fund and principles of using the social fund in terms of valid legislation.


Preparation of Internal Policies

  • Work rules or internal (personnel) policy.
  • Salary and bonus policy (introducing a variable remuneration system).
  • Organisational rules.
  • Instruction (policy) on the creation and use of the social fund (on the provision of benefits).
  • Code of ethics (standards of conduct).


HR Corporate Training

  • The Labour Code and the related legislation.
  • Scheduling working time with a focus on unevenly scheduled working time.
  • Employment relationship in practice, its start, modification and termination.
  • Application of the Labour Code without mistakes and errors.
  • Special training for managers with the content defined by the client.
  • Special training for HR departments and their managers.
  • The Labour Code for managers.


Audit of internal policies and employment documents and their harmonisation with national legislation.

OMi assessment – Organisational Climate Survey – OCS

Currently available in English.

OCS is a certified test from the company Oscar Murphy Life Strategists (OMi).In our company, it is provided by Owen Fernandes the only OMi-certified psychometric analyst in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.The test is unique in that the assessment result is generated by a group of psychologists, not a computer system.

The assessment helps create a positive work environment where the workers can utilise their potential effectively and comfortably.OCS is a very powerful tool to identify strengths and weaknesses of an organisation, opportunities, potential threats and utilisation of potential in a person, team or workgroup in a company.The result of the test provides a basis for effective planning of employee development and changes in the organisation.

The assessment is divided into four questionnaires and takes about 40 minutes.

The result of the OMi assessment will give you an overview of:

  • The working environment/climate in your organisation;
  • The level of communication;
  • Efficiency of work teams and their potential; and
  • The basics of building teams and leaders.


EDiSC Assessment

Available in different languages.

The EDiSC assessment is often used in organisations to analyse the management team, individuals and working couples.The report contains their strengths and potential and it is used to determine specific development needs of individuals or the whole team.The final report is based on the behaviour and preferences of individuals.

The assessment can help understand:

  • Personal values ​​and dominant qualities;
  • Key strengths;
  • Individuals’ reactions to stress situations;
  • The communication style;
  • The decision-making style;
  • Motivators/stimuli and demotivators;
  • The comfort zone;
  • Perception of individuals as to how their working environment needs to be adjusted;
  • The role of individuals in the team; and
  • Natural behavioural tendencies.

Benefits of the assessment system:

  • The test takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.
  • Various language versions of the test.
  • Different types of reports can be generated after completing the test once.
  • It is an online system and the client can fill it from any place for full concentratation.
  • The reports are generated by the system and they cannot be rigged.
  • The assessment is designed to make it extremely difficult to cheat.The system is able to recognise cheating and will not generate a report.
  • This assessment can also be used for different assessment categories that you can choose if interested.


All follow-up steps after the result and evaluation of the OCS and EDiSC assessments will be provided by our company GROWISION.